Sony Pictures Releasing
Running Time:1hr 44 mins
Classification: 15
Genre: Action / Comedy / Horror
Director: Crispian Mills
Screenplay: Crispian Mills
Simon Pegg, Michael Sheen, Asa Butterfield


Slaughterhouse School (Est. 1770) is a shining bastion of British privilege: a grand, old public boarding school which couldn’t be more intimidating to new boy Don Wallace (Finn Cole), a kid from Yorkshire who has scant experience of the upper classes and their strange social rituals.

      Slaughterhouse School is also a place which harbours a literal deep, dark secret. Its new headmaster (Michael Sheen) has granted fracking company Terrafrack access to the school grounds, where it has caused an enormous sinkhole to appear. A sinkhole which has disturbed and unearthed an unspeakable and deadly species of creature, which begins blindly wreaking havoc on the surface and, specifically, the humans that live there -  and the pupils, faculty members and anti-fracking protestors alike become locked in a bloody battle for survival.

      Soon it is down to Don to try and save the day — along with his new friend and room-mate Willoughby (Asa Butterfield), school “goddess” Clemsie (Hermione Corfield), her super-smart pal Kay (Isabella Laughland) and their beleaguered school master Meredith Houseman (Simon Pegg).  Assuming, that is, they can survive Slaughterhouse itself first.   And surviving school can be a bloody nightmare…